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What are scholarship searches all about?

Search programs are really a way of doing some preliminary research for potential sources of assistance. The potential varies with each student and family. Searches are never inclusive of all possible sources. There are many sources locally or regionally. Conclusive - no. A place to start and save some time - yes. A guarantee of receiving aid - no. The fee is for someone else to do some research and to provide a start to finding possible alternative sources of aid. Be realistic in your expectations. Be realistic and thorough when describing oneself.

Does saving ahead deny a family financial aid for the student?

Not necessarily. EFC formula principles.

Isn't it a waste of time to apply for financial aid?

On the contrary, not all programs are based on financial need. Not applying only eliminates you from consideration.

A student with a 4.0 GPA, 1500 SAT or 29 Composite ACT, class officer, can go anywhere the student wishes, right?

Not necessarily. Schools are limited in the number of students to whom they can offer admission. 3.0 GPA, 1050 test scores do not necessarily mean it is a waste of time to apply to a school that appears to be a stretch.

Won't our high school take care of telling us everything we need to know to make the best decisions?

Don't rely on someone else to do the research and make the decisions. The high school counselor has a relatively limited amount of time and resources which may make it difficult to provide the amount of personalized guidance you desire. Plan on doing your own research and evaluation.

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