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College Ready Programs
  • How to start the college search?
    • Which colleges best fit the student?
    • How difficult will admission be for the student?
    • What's next?
    • How much will college actually cost?
    • How does the financial aid process work?
    • Will the student be eligible for financial aid?
    • Are expectations realistic?

    Typical questions. Typical concerns.


      "make informed decisions, not educated guesses"

    Personalized Programs 

        Office Consultations for ............

    »   The College Search

         •   Selecting Schools that Match the Student's Interests

         •   Understanding the "Admissions Game"

         •   Developing a workable college list

    »  Paying for College

           Understanding the financial aid system

           Determining the student's EFC & financial need

           FAFSA & CSS/Profile Preparation & Other Payments Options

    » Comprehensive Package & Hourly Consultations

  Customized Reports

          Personalized for the Student ......


Students are individuals. That's why it's so important for them to find colleges that are right for them. The right schools are those where the student can enjoy the college experience and have the opportunity to succeed. Reputation, national rankings or costs do not necessarily mean that one school is better than another for the student. A school that most closely matches the student's interests and preferences is worthy of serious consideration.


How do you find these schools for the student? The COLLEGEREADY® Report is a 60 page personalized report prepared for the student. Analyzing the student's requirements and goals, the Report identifies 10 schools which most closely fit the student's personal criteria. Instead of having to research the catalogues, view-books, internet and reference books to figure out how and where to start, COLLEGEREADY® gives the student and the parents a head-start.


A personalized report that offers the student and the parents assistance in ......

       • Understanding the facts of paying for college

       • Planning the financing of college expenses

       • A report of possible scholarship sources for which the student may be eligible.

Note: This report researches and identifies possible scholarship aid sources. It does not guarantee nor promise that the student will receive any funds.

  College Planning Workshops & Seminars
Topics include the college admission process and paying for college include ...


     College Admissions

             • Developing a Student Profile

             • Evaluating colleges

             • Managing the Process

      › Paying for College

             • Understanding the Process

             • Preparing

             • Working with the Forms

             • After the School Decides

Presentations can be tailored to an organization's audience.

  Business Partners include …

  • Financial services firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Education loan providers
  • Employee benefit programs administrators
  • Membership/Association groups
  • Independent college counselors
  • Non-profit community organizations
  • College Admission Tests Prep companies


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