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Personalized College Planning Reports

"helping to make data become decisions"

Our reports offer information researched specifically for an individual student.

CollegeReady® Report

A complete planning guide covering the entire college decision process, from which colleges fil, to what will college cost, and ways to pay.

Over 100 pages of information, including:

  • Detailed descriptions of schools that best fit the student
  • An assessment of the student's admission to each school
  • A projection of financial aid eligibility
  • Overview of each college's costs and payment options
  • Scholarship research fot the student
  • Handy tips about admissions and financial aid

College Advisor® Report

For those interested in focusing only on finding which schools most closely match the student's interests.

The College Advisor contains over 60 pages of information to assistin selecting which schools to apply to.

  • Describes which schools best fit the student
  • An assessment of admission at each school
  • Tips on the college admission process

College Financing Advisor® Report

A 40 page report prepared to help the student locate sources of aid and to understand how to plan his or her college financing.

  • Review of costs and payment options at colleges of interest to the student
  • Scholarships researched for the student
  • Summary of financial aid and planning worksheets
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